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About us

What do we do and where to find us?
Our region

Busko-Zdrój – polish spa town, situated in świętokrzyskie voievodship. It had been known since the XII century as "Bużsk", from XIII as Busk. The town recieved the city location in 1287, was degraded in 1869 and reclaimed it's rights in 1916. Busko belonged to the Norbertine Monastry in the last quarter of XVI century.

Geographical location

Busko is situated in the soutern part of świętokrzyskie voievodship, 50 km south of Kielce and 80 KM north-east of Cracov. The region was named after the Nida river, flowing through it on Wójczańsko-Pińczowski hummock.


Busko is known for its lowland climate with some continental features. Climatic comfort is present during 39% of the year, the number of "hot" days is about 13% of the year and "very cold" below 1,5%. average annual air temperature is about 7.8 °C or 46 °F, with the maximal amplitude of 60 °C. The number of sunny hours is also very high - about 1151. Annual air humidity is from 71% to 80%.

Areas around Busko-Zdrój don't only consist of SPAs and healing waters, but also nature reserves. One of these nature reserves is the Skorocice Nature Reserve.

Skorocice Nature Reserve

Within the reserve, there are 26 caves (Jaskinie), such as Jaskinia Skorocicka, Jaskinia w Skorocicach u Ujścia Doliny, Jaskinia Dzwonów, Jaskinia Ucho Olki, Jaskinia Stara, Jaskinia Górna, Jaskinia z Potokiem and The Tunnel in Skorocice.

At the bottom of the gorge, there are many meadows and pastures. Na dnie wąwozu występują łąki i pastwiska. Some of thew rare plants that deserve our attention are: coleoptera, spring flower, marsh sesararia, cotyledon (the only site in Poland) and Illyrian buttercup.

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