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Carpaccio de beuf, perles des sous bois et pousses de bettrave

Pour 10 personne
* fleur de se
* 50gr de perles de sous bois
* 10 tranches tres fines de boeuf dans le filet
* quelques pusses de betteraves
* 1-2 culliere a soup de vinaigrette a l'huile d'olive
Disposer les tranches de boeuf dans le grande assiettes
Badigeonner d'un peu de vinaigrette
Assaisonner avec un peu de fleur de sel et poivre de moulin
Disposer les perles sous bois sur le carpaccio
Decorer avec queques pousses de bettraves

1. White caviar - a short story

The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians already noticed the taste values of white caviar, they also considered him an aphrodisiac called Pearls of Aphrodite.
This exclusive appetizer had its return to tables in the 80's in France and quickly aroused the culinary curiosity of the most outstanding chefs in Europe, today it is served in the most prestigious restaurants in the world, now it can also be found on your tables.

2. From the ground to the jar - means the production process

To obtain 1 kg of caviar you need 2,600 eggs, which are collected by hand, cleaned from the ground and carefully selected to make the damaged, can not stick together and be dried) and size (the egg should have a size of 3-6mm) meet certain standards, then the caviar is aged in brine and acquires its final flavor there, and reaches our jars high-quality caviar, which we offer today.

3. Health itself - meaning nutritional values and health properties

The nutritional value in 100gr of caviar is about 90 kcal including protein 16.1, unsaturated fat 1.4, carbohydrate 2.0.
It provides our body with up to 36 macro and microelements, including iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, silicon or copper, vitamins A, E, D, C and all of group B. Frequent consumption regulates metabolism, promotes slimming, strengthens the system blood and immune, helps fight cholesterol pathogens, relieves inflammation, has antiallergic properties. Used in cosmetics, it accelerates the regeneration of the epidermis and delays its keratosis, it is a barrier against the action of free radicals, it brightens up.

4. Unique taste - the taste and the way of serving

Snail caviar should be well chilled, but it is served at room temperature, about 30 minutes before serving it should be pulled from the refrigerator, caviar does not like silver and stainless steel cutlery, do not shred it or spread it with a knife, just gently spoon it.
It has similar uses as other caviar, it goes well with roasted small toasts, pancakes, bread or egg in the company of whipped sour cream or butter, it is served to champagne, martini or chilled vodka.
The taste of caviar is unique, reminiscent of a forest fleece, which is why it is also called forest pearls. Caviar should burst on the palate, releasing its delicate aroma, eggs should not be
in our store pantry you will find caviar in three flavors lines:


Carpaccio de Saint -Jacques ou caviar d\'escargot

Pour 10 personne
* 4 grosses noix de saint jaques
* 30gr de caviar d'escargot
* 1 cuilliere de roquette
* poivre du moulin
* piment d'espelette
* fleur de sel
Trancher les saint - jaques
Badigeonner d'huile d'olive les Saint - Jaques
Assaisonner les Saint - Jaques fleur de sel, piment d'espelette et poivre de mouline
Disposer les Saint Jaques et ajouter pointe de caviar d'escargot
Decorer avec de la feuille de roquette

Caviar - 30g
Natural caviar - 30g

Its taste is very subtle and delicate, slightly salty, our taste buds visit a rain forest, they will feel wet moss and the richness of forest litter and peat bog fragrance

Caviar - 30g
Truffle caviar - 30g

Slightly salty, airy aroma of autumn, aromas of precious mushrooms, slightly earthy but delicate taste

Caviar - 30g
Caviar with rosemary - 30g

This taste has the aroma of blooming heathers, we will feel the summer rain, the smell of wet earth with a hint of fresh oak leaves and moss

Set of three flavors - 3x30g
Set of three flavors - 3x30g

Jar of 30g natural caviar + 30g truffle caviar + 30g rosemary caviar.
Shipping cost - FREE

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