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Descriptions of the snail species

Helix aspersa Müller, also known as little-grey, Petit-Gris, is very tasty and does not require pre-treatment, because it can be consumed whole, without the need for extracting the liver or stomach, boiled in its shell. This specie finds usage in spanish and italian cuisine. Hodowla This breed of snail is also known for its fast growing rate, obtaining sexual maturity after 5-6 months. It matures faster that Helix Aspersa Maxima, but consequently is smaller, with the weight of 6-15 g and laying capability of 80-120 eggs.


Helix aspersa Maxima comes form the Helicidae family, also known as the the african snail, big-grey, Gros-Gris. It was brought to France from North Africa. Hodowla 2Od polskiego winniczka, Helix Promatia, różni się znacznie krótszym cyklem hodowlanym, gdyż osiąga dojrzałość płciową w ciągu 5-7 miesięcy. It differs from polish winniczek, Helix Promatia, because of having much shorter breeding cycle, reaching maturity in 5-7 months. This means that it only requires one season, from spring to autumn to reach size suitable for goods and consumption purposes. It finds its usage in the French cuisine. Mature specimen weight about 15-40 g and can lay from 120 to 180 eggs. .

Helix aspersa Maxima and Helix aspersa Müller have sophisticated taste qualities, and their meat is characterized by high nutritional properties, because of high amounts of proteines, magnesium, calcium, copper, zinc and iodine. Firthermore, snails produce slime containing alatonine, proteines and vitamines A, C, E, natural collagen, elastine and glicol acid. Slime extract helps with acne, acne scars, spots of old age, discolorations and scars, regardless of the age of the skin. The slime improves the texture and color of the skin, thanks to the natural exfoliation of the epidermis. Many asthma and tuberculosis medications are also based on snail slime. Thanks to the usage of snail slime we achieve:

  • Reduction or disappearance of acne
  • Shallowing of scars
  • skin lightening
  • smoothing out and rebuilding our damaged skin
  • narrowing of the pores
  • reduction of any skin imperfections
  • deep regeneration

Breeding steps

Procedure's description
Step 1 - Awakening of snail reproductors and placing them in reproduction rooms

Stage 1At this stage, we awaken hibernated snails, that were kept in the temperature of 5 °C with 75% humidity. We cause the awakening by increasing temperature and humidity. After this, the snails start to feed intensively and regain their strength, in order to mate and lay eggs later. During this period, they are fed with a special fodder. Afterwards, the snails lay eggs into prepared terrain in our breeding cups.

Step 2 - Incubation of the eggs

Stage 2The breeding cups, filled with eggs are transported to the segregation room, where in sterile conditions they are separated from soil. The eggs are then transported to our incubation sites, awaiting their hatching. The hatching's date depends on the temperature of the incubation. Humidity is kept at 80%.

Step 3 - Placing baby snails in the breeding park

Stage 3Hatched eggs are transported to our breeding park, prepared specially for them. The park is filled with plants that serve as their food, and shelter. To additionally protect our baby snails, we place wooden roofs in the park, that also serve the purpose of accumulating waterdrops.

Step 4 - Snail growth

Stage 4During their growth, the snails are supplied with different fodders, depending on their age, and water. Because of the fact that snails are feeding at night, feeding and sprinkling are conducted just before the sunset. Their feeding stops as the first sunrays hit them.

Step 5 - Harvesting the reproductors

After reaching sexual maturity, snails begin to copulate with each other, and at that point it's the best moment to harves reproductors and hibernate them. At this time, the breeding cycle is closed.

Step 6 - Harvesting mature snails

The final moment of breeding is the collection of adult specimens with the desired commercial parameters. As snails grow up, they are harvested from the breeding park. The parameters that determine the set are the size and the eversion of the snail shell.

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